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29 best plagiarism checker tools for 2019

Writigna thesis, blog post, essay or a report it always required unique content and words should belongs to you. Do not take risk, use plagiarism detectors to check your content before submitting to anywhere. You may do this with online plagiarism checker tools.

50 Front End websites for developers in 2019

Nowadays front-end is not only related to HTML or CSS. It consists many wide range of Javascript libraries or frameworks like Vue, Angular or React JS. We collect best 30+ front end websites or blogs where you may learn front-end and will help you to improve your front-end skills

Free Design Resources Websites

Get free UI designs, App designs, UX resources and design inspirations.

What are the top file sharing tools with multiple device synchronization?

List of Top file sharing apps like Dropbox or Google Drive which have multi device synchronization.

CSS Learning websites (2019)

Learn CSS tips, tricks and techniques from high class blogs like css-tricks or codrops with latest technologies in CSS.


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